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Images with taste appeal

Retouching, comping, focus-stacking and colour correction. Photoshoot assistance on request for efficient captures and fast client approval mock-ups with artwork then finalized

layout-ready retouched images.

Client/Creative: Sting inc.  2019   Photography: Jeff Wasserman

Aroma Espresso Bar

Retouching, composing from stacked-focus plates,

enhancements and final image deliverables.

Client/Photography: Nick Merzetti  2018

Hot Stove Club

Retouching enhancements, modifications, lighting

and colour correction for several food images.

Client/Studio: SCHAWK Toronto  2017

Photography: Arash Moallemi    Styling: Aurelie Bryce

Uncle Bens Rice

POP, coupon and digital product image assets.

Retouching, photoshoot assist, digital mockup

and final print ready image deleverable.

Client/Studio: SCHAWK Toronto  2017

Photography: Paul Chmielowiec    Styling: Aurelie Bryce

Marie Callender's Frozen Meals

Four dishes of promo images. Retouching, photoshoot

assist, digital mockup and final print ready

image deliverables.

Client/Agency: Identica, Cossette Communications  2017

McDonald's McCafé McMuffin

Retouching enhancements, lighting improvement and

final print ready image deliverables.

Client/Agency: Unite Creative  2019

Jimmy the Greek

Retouching and improvement of 19 meal, 5 salad

and 6 pita images for website, digital, menu board

and promotional image assets.

Mars Foods Seeds of Change

Bowl, plate and ingrediants photography for GIF and

digital marketing assets. Retouching, photoshoot assist, colour correction, white balance and final

digital image deleverables.

Client/Studio: SCHAWK Toronto  2019

Photography: Chris Robinson    Styling: Aurelie Bryce

McDonald's McCafé Spring Fling

Promotional image. Retouching enhancements,

image asset assembly, manipulation and

final layered image deliverable.

Client/Agency: Identica, Cossette Communications  2018

Pod & Bean Everyday Blend

Apply vector label art to bottles for several

promotional images ahead of production.

Client/Photography: Suzanne Clements  2019

Cardinal Meats Brochure

Menu styled design. Retouch and colour correct

images, design and prepress.

Client: Momentum Marketing Group 2008

Printing: Andora Graphics  

Shoeless Joe's Menu

Retouch and colour correct images, photograph

action figures and bobble heads, design and print.

Client: Momentum Marketing Group 2006

Printing: Andora Graphics  

Pod & Bean Chocolate Mocha Coffee

Apply vector label K-Cup lid artwork to photography

for several promotional images ahead of production.