Image retouching, composition,

creation, layout formatting and

preparing and release to digital

and traditional specs.



touch the photo


touch the button

Dundas Square

Sick Kids VS


ADCC, Strategy Awards, Promo! Awards, Marketing Awards, London International Awards

Client/Agency: Identica, Cossette Communications  2016 - 2018


Retouching and improvement for several e-commerce

and print campaign images.

Retouching, cropping and adding glow lighting for

over 100 patient and staff images. Preparation of files

for print to spec for the various posters, banners,

elevator wraps, newsprint ads and more.

Client/Agency: Identica, Cossette Communications  2018

McDonald's Big Mac x Bacon

Retouch enhancements, text support, background

extentions and file preparation to printers specs for

four versions. Various layouts for murals, digital billboards, posters and more.

Client/Agency: Identica, Cossette Communications  2018

McDonald's Mobile Ordering

TC takeover and OOH campaign images. Retouching enhancements, format and prepare files for layouts to printers print spec for murals, subway car wraps,

stair risers and more.

Client/Agency: Identica, Cossette Communications  2018

Plan International

Defy Normal campaign mailer image.

Retouching treatent and improvment from video still.

Client/Agency: Giant Shoe Creative  2014

Fallsview Indoor Waterpark

Retouch promotional images for brochure and website.

Add splashes and excitement images.

Client/Agency: Kenna  2014

EasyHome Winter Campaign

Retouch image assets into a cozy image of a

groundhog warming up in his den for posters

and OOH advertising.

Client/Photography: Brandon BarrĂ©    Agency: KBS Canada  2016

IG Wealth Management

Retouching colour and lighting enhancements,

add sky, text and graphic support and background extention for various layouts. Newsprint ad

preparation and layered digital image deleverable.

Client/Agency: Identica, Cossette Communications  2018

Jentadueto XR

Markeing pop-up banner and brochure image.

Create extended landscape for various layouts,

add dust, lighting and other enhancments.

Client/Agency: Katalyst Advantage, Klick  2016


Create realistic snow tire treads from supplied

vector art for mailer cover image.

Client/Agency: Katalyst Advantage, Klick  2016

Client/Agency: Kenna  2014

McCain Foods

Let Cravings Be Your Guide Campaign OOH.

Retouching and improvement providing three master layered images for OOH promotional images.