Photo Shoot Assistance

Capture the  most efficient exposures and assets needed to

best achieve the perfect image in post retouching

   On-set shoot assistance and preliminary retouching

   Digital mockup assembly on artwork for fast realtime client approvals

   Final retouching and file release to specifications

   Avoids reshoots and uneccesary post retouching expenses


RETOUCHING with BENEFITS: Complete photo and graphic service from retouching, repair and production art to proof, print and web. Fast, friendly and reliable.

Wide gamut and colour calibrated workflow supported by industry standard proofing with IDEAlliance SWOP and GRACoL certified proofs. Ensuring you get the best possible result no matter how it’s presented.


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Improvements, enhancements and image manipulation.

Carefully crafted commercial and consumer images

how you want them and when you need them

  • Restoration and repair

   Colour correction/grading

   Focus Stacking



  • Food

  • Beauty

  • Portrait

  • Scenic

  • Jewelry

  • Architectual


Have your photo's professionally scanned and optimized for publishing,

photo restoration, social media or digital archiving.



    4 x 5", 8 x 10"

    Medium format 2 1/4", 120/220, 6 x 20 cm

    35mm slides, strips and negatives.

Hourly and day rates

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Photo Printing

Beautiful prints on Epson premium photo papers

   sizes up to 17" x 22"


   Sheet sizes up to 17" x 22"

   Banners 17"w x the length needed

   Minimal quanities only

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Final filed provided by email or drop Box link.


Prepress File Preparation and Ad Release

Beautifully prepared images for publishing books, magazines,

catalogues and other printed mediums. WIth nearly 30 years in prepress

I can help you with the following.

   Image profile, tone, ink density and bleed assesment

     and optimization to printer and paper specifications

   • Retouching and enhancement

   Colour correction, consistancy and matching

   Neutral balance correction and consistancy

   Certified colour proofing and delivery



   Laser mockups

   Press ready final files

   Press/print ready PDFs

Resolutions up to 6400 DPI

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Photo Restoration

Perfect the past and restore  cherished old, damaged or faded photos. A timeless gift for yourself or someone special.


   Cleanup, repair and renew

   Print for your frame, photo

    album and file for your

    archives or social media

   Ceramic headstone pictures


Used for commercial offeset printing. This proof is based on the G7 process and is the accepted methodology in modern printing organizations in North America. If you deliver a certified proof that conforms to GRACoL 2006, you can expect to match on press.


Used for magazine proofing. This printing standard is based on the G7 process and is designed to reproduce the printing charactoristics of a heat-set web press used in magazine production in North America.

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Colour Capture

Measure any surface and match to the nearest Pantone

spot colour or it's values in sRGB, RGB, CMYK and HTML

  A valuable service when critical colour identification is

  essential such as matching garments or products to be

  printed in catalogues or accurately identifing Pantone

  spot colours.

SWOP and GRACoL certified proofs.

Certified Colour Proofing

Industry-standard IDEAlliance ISO certified SWOP and GRACoL proofs

Review and approve your designs and colour before going to press. Submit with final files to your printer as an industry approved colour reference target. View under 5000k (D50) lighting conditions for optimal assesment. Fast turn-around and delivery.

Used for:

      Magazine covers, pages and ad submissions

      Commercial printing and publication designs

      Colour selection tests

        Spot colour proofing

        Advertising designs

      Colour correction and matching

Photo restoration and transformative images for advertising, campaigns, books, magazines, catalogues,

packaging, display, POP, e-commerce, social media, photographers and custom image work.


How to submit your photos:

FIll out and submit a picture of your photo with the Quote Form or send a picture of the original photo(s) to mark@pixelinkretouching.com along with any specific requests, quantity and sizes of prints you want, questions and your contact information. I'll call you with any questions then send you a quote.

You can then opt to drop-off the original photo(s) or send me the digital file if there is no original at the highest resolution available. I produce a high resolution scan of the original photo (if a print is provided) then retouch, repair, cleanup and enhance it as needed. I  email a water-marked reduced size jpg to you for approval and make any revisions if needed.

Once approved, I email the invoice to you and then you pay via e-transfer (preferred payment method). Once payment is received, I print the new photo(s) to the desired size and quantity on professional Epson photo papers. The final prints and originals are carefully packaged and shipped back to you, or we arrange a time for pick-up.

Pricing varies according to extent of damage and work required.

     Call or fill out the Quote Form   416-276-7244

     or email  mark@pixelinkretouching.com